Oracle Delivered Standard Security Audit Reports


Ways to achieve Auditing in Fusion cloud and idea on some of delivered reports provided by Oracle to support audit functionality


Efforts are made by organizations to ensure that their data is safe and secure. The question becomes more vital in case of Cloud Deployment Model.

Auditing can be achieved in Oracle HCM Cloud Application using either of the below mentioned four tools:

  • Auditing Business Objects
  • Standard Security Reports
  • Security Console
  • OTBI and BIP Reports

Standard Security Reports

  • Inactive Users Report–This Report gives the list of all users along with the days since when a user is inactive. Say for example we want to find the list of all users who are inactive since say for last 10 days then we can run this report.

Tools > Scheduled Process

  • Locked Users Report – Find the list of all Locked Users

  • User Password Changes Audit Report: This report provides audit details of the user password changes related data.

    One must have the ASE_USER_PASSWORD_CHANGE S_AUDIT_REPORT_PRIV function security privilege to run this report.

    The predefined IT Security Manager job role has this privilege by default.

  • Pre-requisites of running above Reports It is mandatory to run the Import User Login History process. This process updates the security tables in fusion (ASE_USER_LOGIN_INFO) with user login details from FND_SESSIONS tables which stores the user information for 7 days before it purges automatically

  • Refer this Oracle document ID : Security Reports in Fusion Application (Doc ID 2210883.1) for more reports