Masking – Override Notification Email Address


Steps to perform a configuration for diverting all emails to specific email address instead of actual employee/manager emails .This is applicable for DEV/TEST instance


Let’s assume that customer has loaded all actual email address in non production environemnts but don’t want to trigger any email to actual users while testing

Couple of ways to handle this :

  • One way is to mask the actual email address
  • Other way is to ovveride the email address using BPM approach

Ovveride the email address using BPM approach

This is to get all notificatins to divert to override email address instead of employee/manager emails. Applicable for DEV/TEST instance

Steps to implement :

This will divert us to main BPM Home page

Click on Admin and search for “test notification email address section
and change your respective email address for testing purpose

Notification Mode Options: