Enable Audit and Use Standard Reports Functionality


How to enable audit in Fusion application and use standard audit reports

Steps to enable Audit functionality

  • Navigate towards: Tools > Set up and maintenance. Search from right hand side tasks area for manage Audit polices
  • Audit level would be none by default
  • We can change the audit level to auditing and click on configure business object attributes which will open a new page demanding product to choose for audit

  • By choosing global human resources as product , it will list all business objects under that product for audit options
    • Once we select business object, attributes will be pre populated on right hand side
    • After doing all these settings, click save and close to commit these changes
    • Note: Currently not all object do have audit thing enabled, But Oracle is trying to add more object in upcoming releases
  • Privilege required to implement audit functionality
  • Ensure that user have role with assigned privilege FND_MANAGE_AUDIT_POLICIES_PRIV.
  • Application implementation consultant should have this privilege

    How to use audit reports

  • User should have internal auditor role
  • Navigate to Tools > Audit Reports
  • This opens up a search page and we can search for transactions done on a date and user/product .Results can also be exported to excel

    Technical details of audit tables

    • For every table audited, a shadow table is created for each underlying base table to capture change data
    • Example: PER_ALL_ASSIGNMENTS_M_ is an audit table for PER_ALL_ASSIGNMENTS_M table
    • Only changes are recorded in audit table, though date effectively inserts a full new record in base table
    • Deleted records will remain in shadow table , though removed from base tables
    • Audit table will have columns like
      • AUDIT_ACTION_TYPE – Action Type has values like INSERT,UPDATE and DELETE
      • AUDIT_CHANGE_BIT_MAP – Used to store bit map of 1’s and 0’s for each row. 1 will be stored if value has changed and will be change if value hasn’t