Create RTF Template for HCM Extract in Oracle Fusion

  • Let’s Consider HCM Extract – PRajkumar HR Data Extract Sample
  • Define Delivery option
  • Click on delivery icon and in the extract delivery option click Add
  • Enter the following details in extract delivery option fields
Fields Name
Delivery Option Name XML Output
Output Type Data
Output Name DeptEmployees
Delivery Type WebCenter Content
Required Not Selected
Integration Name Demo Integration
Encryption Mode None

  • Click Submit and click ok at the validation message
  • Run the extract, follow the same step to run extract, first go to Submit Extract. Enter name PRajkumar HR Data Extract Sample, enter effective date – Select today’s date and click submit. Refresh until you see green check mark

  • To create RTF Template, first you need to export the XML schema
  • Go to Extract Execution tree and click on Export XML Schema button (shown in below snapshot)

  • Save the downloaded file i.e. with name Extract Sample_2021-05-14.xsd on desktop. It will looks like as below

  • Now load the XML data into word document
  • Launch Microsoft Word and open a new blank document, click BI publisher In load data section click XML Schema
  • Browse to the desktop and select XSD file that we have exported from your extract definition, after that you can see Data Loaded Successfully Message
  • Now we can create RTF template field using this XML Schema. In the insert section click on Field. The field window appears and create desired output template

  • Save your template as an RTF file, save the file to the desktop as a rich text format (RTF) file named DeptEmployes.rtf
  • Use this RTF file to create the template in FUSION BI Publisher

  • Add created BI Template to HCM Extract as below
Fields Name
Delivery Option Name Excel Output
Output Type Excel
Output Name ExcelOutput
Delivery Type None
Required Yes
Report /Human Capital Management/Report/XX Report.xdo
Template Name XX Report

  • Template has been attached to HCM Extract now run and test output. It should be Excel Output